MODEL 3000 AS
   This unique tool may be ideal for your special dedicated assembly requirements. It features a single cylinder, alligator type with our standard stroke adjustment. It is designed for foot control FC-3, and simple bench mounting. Assembler's hands are freed for easy workpiece manipulation. A large selection of standard squeezer tooling is readily available for small solid and semi-tubular rivets, eyelets and many types of captive hardware. It can be fitted with optional, interchangeable alligator jaws.
  MODEL 3000 CS
   This is one of our most popular bench mounted tools for hands-free operation. It employs a single cylinder compression unit. The 3000CS is fitted to a heavy duty stationary "C" yoke. The adjustable mandrel permits simple, precise pressure settings. It is ideal for eyelets, solid and semi-tubular rivets, plus captive hardware of all kinds. With proper tooling, it is also ideal for staking and swaging. The 3000 CS incorporates the handy stroke control adjuster. Equipped with foot control FC-3 and guard, all hoses hardware and connectors. Shipped complete, ready to operate. s.
  MODEL 6000 AS
   The Model 6000AS is our high power twin tandem alligator type featuring unique adjustable stroke control. It is designed for simple bench mounting. It is portable and easy to set up, and like all General Pneumatic Tools, is near noiseless making it ideally suited to work in confined areas. The added power makes this one of our most versatile tools. It is perfect for riveting and inserting captive hardware. Shipped with bench mount, foot control FC-3 and guard plus all hoses and connectors, ready to operate.
  MODEL 6000CS
   The 6000CS is a twin tandem cylinder compression unit mounted on a heavy duty bench type "C" yoke. It is intended for very small to medium diameter rivets and captive hardware. Its simple hands free operation allows easy workpiece handling. It also features our unique stroke control. The 6000 CS is shipped complete with foot control FC-3 and guard plus all hoses, connectors and necessary hardware ready to operate. Click here for specifications.

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