This is our most powerful hand tool. Employing a twin tandem cylinder design, developing in excess of three tons squeezing force, this easy to handle tool can function as a hardware insertion press or as a hi-power riveter. To ensure flatness the 6000CHP is fitted with a special extra heavy duty yoke with increased gap. It accommodates studs up to one half inch in length as well as threaded inserts, floating nut plates, standoffs, etc.

This unit comes complete with special tooling for No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 studs and 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 threaded inserts. This versatile tool with proper tooling can be adapted to most all captive press-in-style hardware. The tooling is organized and shipped in an attractive custom fitted box.
  MODEL 3000A
   The Model 3000A is a lightweight single cylinder alligator type tool designed for applications requiring special access. The 3000A can be fitted with interchangeable jaws. It is powerful, easy to handle and comfortable to use. In many applications this is the ideal tool. Jaws are interchangeable with the 6000A.

Maximum Rivet Diameter 1/8" Aluminum 3/32" Steel.
  MODEL 6000A
   The 6000A alligator type employs a twin tandem cylinder for added power. This design provides maximum power in a lightweight easy to handle tool. It can be fitted with optional size alligator jaws. This tool utilizes standard squeezer tooling for rivets and threaded inserts. The 6000A is our most powerful alligator tool. All jaws are interchangeable with the Model 3000A tool.

Maximum Rivet Diameter 3/16" Aluminum 5/32" Steel
  MODEL 3000C
   The Model 3000C Hand Held Tool is a single cylinder, powerful, and yet lightweight hand held compression tool used primarily for riveting and inserting captive hardware. Among it's many other uses are swaging, staking, and numerous other applications making this our most popular hand held tool. It is available in a wide variety of interchangeable "C" yokes.

Maximum Rivet Diameter 1/8" Aluminum 3/32" Steel

  MODEL 6000C
  The Model 6000C Hand Held Tool features a lightweight twin tandem cylinder for added power. Developing 6000 lbs. total compressive force, it provides maximum power at minimum weight. Compact and easy to handle, this tool is first choice where additional power is required. The 6000C utilizes interchangeable "C" yokes. (Yokes are interchangeable with the Model 3000C.)

Maximum Rivet Diameter 3/16" Aluminum 5/32" Steel

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